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"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 (NIV)


Infant/ Toddler  (Birth - 2 years)


Nurturing, loving care for infants from birth through 18 months. Home-like environment where your infant will receive tender-loving care and age appropriate stimulation and interaction with other children. Infants schedules are detailed for parents and catered to each baby's needs.


Tender toddler care provided up to 2 years.  Toddlers participate in age appropriate activities such as storytime, bible stories, prayer, art and good manners. Buggy rides out to the toddler playground offer outdoor exploration and fun.

Preschool / Pre-K (2 years - 5 years)

Children who are at least 2 years old will be taught age-appropriate curriculum such as letter recognition, letter sound, sign language, numbers, bible stories, prayer and good manners. Our preschool and pre-k children will be given time to learn curriculum, but also engage in plenty of free-play; a time where a child learns most. Peer-to-peer interaction, ability to listen, sit, follow directions and engage with teachers and fellow classmates are of utmost importance at this stage. ​


Pre-K children will be prepared with not only the necessary academics to excel in Kindergarten, but also the ability to be self-sufficent and independent.  Our goal is to be sure your child academically and socially prepared Kindergarten both in our program and that of any public school. 

Jr. Kindergarten  

Children in our program will be taught not only the fundamentals of reading, writing and math but also be encouraged with biblical foundations in all their spiritual, social and academic growth. Jr. Kindergartners may also be able to participate in field-trip opportunities throughout the year.  

Before/After School Care (645am- 6pm)

Available for all programs. Please see Tuition page for pricing.


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