Faye Martnick

Preschool Administrator

Tina Johnson

Preschool Director

Live your faith so your children observe your faithfulness on a daily basis.


When you tuck your child in at night, say “I love you and God loves you too”.


· Sing songs that teach about Jesus, such as, “Jesus Loves You”.


· Pray with your child and encourage your child to pray. Praying for others and expressing thankfulness are simple prayers for children.  Praying before each meal is a way of showing faith that is ongoing in your child’s family life.


· Let the child know that God created everyone and tell your child “God loves you just the way you are”’

· Read an age-appropriate Bible to your child daily. This type of Bible tells stories that young children can understand, but it also contains Biblical truths.


· Saying that God made the whole world is a great way to illustrate God. Show your child the beautiful trees, fruits, and other natural items easily recognized by your child and emphasize that God created everything and everyone. (Saying that includes mommy and daddy and the child will help with the concept)


· Attending a church with a sound doctrine, based solely on the Word of God, will create fellowship with other believers and you will have a faith filled support group for your family.

Advice for Preschool Parents:

Teaching children about faith in God

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