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Ideas for a Day at Home

You're at home and the kids are getting a little restless. Screen time is okay in small doses; but having fun, educational, and bonding experiences together is even better! 
Here are four suggestions for a day at home:
Number 1: Furniture Fort

Grab some chairs, couch cushions and a couple sheets or towels and build a furniture fort! 

Not only will this give your preschooler their own space, but  bring their coloring books, story books, and hangout there with them! Imagination is an important part of their development; and you being with them will only encourage their creativity.

Number 2: Dance Party Animals

This is a good one to help get out all the wriggles!

Put on some kid-friendly music, and throw a dance party. Occasionally call out a different animal and ask "How would this animal dance?" Act out how a particular animal might dance. 

Number 3: Cup Stacking

Using paper or plastic cups, have your preschooler start stacking in the shape of a pyramid. This will not only help with their spatial awareness, but will also help teach patience - the cups will most likely fall over. But that's a great opportunity to teach patience and that it's okay to try again.

Number 4: Shaving Cream Sensory Learning

Smear some shaving cream on a flat surface. Using their fingers, have your preschooler show you letters from the alphabet, suggest they show you numbers, shapes, and then just draw different pictures! 

For less mess, spray some shaving cream in a seal-able plastic bag. Close the bag and evenly spread the cream inside. Place the bag on a flat surface, and repeat the suggestions above. It's a fun, mess free experience!

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