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Here's what parents are saying about us...

" We have been a part of the ACS (OCSBA Christian Preschools) family since our oldest child was four months old.  ACS prepared her well socially, emotionally, and academically for public Kindergarten and prepared our younger daughter to seamlessly transition to a new preschool when we moved.  At ACS we had confidence the kids were safe, were provided well-balanced meals and snacks, had consistent nap times, and spent a lot of time playing outside.  But our favorite par of ACS is the staff.  Each of the staff members knows and cares for each of my girls.   My youngest was very attached to me and went through a phase of always wanting to be held by me.  But drop off was never an issue with her because the staff formed such a comforting bond wither her - she was happy to be there and was so well loved.  As parents, ACS really partnered with us in the raising of our young children.  It takes a village, and I'm glad ACS is part of ours.

-Katie & Sam Crockett


"We sent our older 2 daughters to OCSBA Christian Preschools from infant (6 weeks) and through many of the grades.  They really enjoyed the teachers and staff and often would want to stay longer when we arrived at pickup.  We would give them a few more minutes and the teachers and staff were always very friendly and personable so you could check in on how your child was doing.  They were willing to provide tips for additional learning at home if you were interested which really helped our kids.  They also have a great cooking staff and the kids love the breakfast, snack and lunch meals.  We really wanted our kids to have a Christian influence at a young age and the love and caring nature of the staff started our kids off with a nice foundation.  Our kids were excited to share stories about what they had learned at the dinner table.  We miss our OCSBACP family but we still try to attend their yearly events so we can see them again.  We recommend any family that needs a big heart and loving hands to get their kids started on the right foot!"

-The Brinser family

"Both of our boys were at ACS through the course of 8 years, from being just a few months old until they were 6 years old!  ACS has been such a blessing in our lives and helped in laying down the foundation of Christ in their lives.  The staff and teachers there have become a part of our extended family, and treated and loved our little ones as their own; filling them with love, nurture and God's goodness.  I am so thankful for the time we spent there, because I know that our kids were raised with the same morals and values we try to instill in them!"

-The Chu/Chalecki family

"What to say about ACS other than a second family.  I have 3 children that have attended ACS.  I became a stepmom in 2005 and a mother to  my own in 2006 and again in 2012.  By 2007 I had tried at-home daycares and had a couple of nightmares.  I had worked corporate daycare and didn't want to go that route.  My friend Brandy suggested we try ACS - we couldn't be more thankful we did.  They have helped us raise 3 kids from a step child, to going through a divorce to now a diabetic.  No matter what was going on, my children were well loved, being taught God's love, education, community giving, patience, kindness, forgiveness and most of all how to handle change with grace.  Thank you ACS for becoming a part of our family yesterday, today and forever." 

-The Burnard family

"My children attended ACS for many years.  This experience gave them a solid Christian foundation for which I am so thankful for.  Every teacher knew every child and it really was a second home for us.  My children were loved by every teacher and they will remember and talk about the good times they had at ACS."

-The Macias family

"We were a part of OCSBA from the time my daughter was 14 1/2 weeks old, until she completed Kindergarten at age 5 1/2.  I could not be happier with our experience.  From the Director, to the teachers, to the aides, to the kitchen "grammy"... this place was home away from home for my sweet girl.  I felt nothing but complete confidence and security leaving my newborn in such amazing and capable hands.  They assured me that they would love her as much as I did while she was in their care.  They were 100% right.  As my daughter grew from infant, to toddler, to preschool, to Kinder....she absolutely loved going to school.  There was never an argument of "Mommy, I don't want to go."  As a parent, this is exactly how you want it to be.   OCSBA is also where her love of Jesus began.  Yes, this is a personal decision for every family, but if that is what is important to you, you will have full support here and if not, there is no judgement shown or felt.  I love after all these years (she is now 13), when we stop by for the Annual Carnival/Talent Show, we are still welcomed with open arms."

-The Lewis family

"I guess to say how much Orange County Southern Baptist Association (OCSBA) Christian Preschool means to our family, we have to start at the beginning.  Our story starts in 1989 when the school was called El Toro Baptist Christian School.  That was the year I started to attend as a student when I was just four years old.  My family didn't attend church at that time, so even though I didn't know Jesus personally the staff there made sure I felt HIs love through their words and actions.  As I got older I started to attend an after school program that existed at the time, and it was around that time my dad found Christ and my family started to attend church regularly, and I began my personal relationship with Christ.  My brothers also attended the very same preschool.  When the time came to find care for my own child I knew exactly where I wanted him to go.  I knew the staff would love him like their own, show him the love of Jesus, and help give him a solid foundation to build his faith.  Even now living many states away, staff still connects with us to make sure we are doing alright.  The biggest highlight for me was watching my son perform in the very same Christmas pageant I did in 1989.

-The Harrell family

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